Do customers pay extra?

What is

In line with our vision of providing information and updates to both vegans and aspiring vegans in India, is an attempt to bring various vegan brands and their products on a single platform.

We believe that the vegan industry is still at a nascent stage in India. There are several small boutique brands operating in various parts of the country that do not have deep pockets to advertise and promote their brands. With we intend to promote such brands and connect them to their core target customers.

Is it an e-commerce website?

NO. We are not an ecommerce site nor do we intend to be one. Our vision is to be the one-stop resource portal for all vegan-related information and we remain committed to that mission.

How does it work? works on the affiliate marketing model. This means every time you shop from one of our partner websites by clicking on the “BUY NOW” button, we earn a small commission from our partner brand.

This commission allows us to manage our operational costs and bring you regular updates, trends and information about the vegan industry in India and abroad

Do customers pay extra?

No customers pay exactly the same price. The transaction happens at our brand partner site and there is no mark-up on price

Who receives the payment for the products purchased on

All payments are processed on our partner websites. Each time you click on a “BUY NOW” button, you are redirected to a partner website, wherein you complete your transaction. The payment is received by the partner brand.

Who executes the order processing and delivery of the products?

All order processing, delivery and customer support is managed by the partner brand through its regular channels. We just act as an affiliate partner and all transactions occur at the partner website.

What if I face any issues in payment, delivery or other customer related issues?

You need to reach out to the customer support teams of respective brands from which you have purchased the product. Please read the terms and conditions of each individual website carefully before concluding a purchase.